We provide end-to-end healthcare solutions

Community wellbeing services

We provide self-care applications that promote good health practices and equip citizens to monitor, manage and improve their health.

Integrated wellbeing services

We provide video or audio platforms and wellness coaches to support people who want to improve their health and wellness.

Diabetes prevention services

Through digital technologies, citizens are able to access Healthcare Professionals, monitor their health and improve their wellbeing.

Discharged patient care

Using medical devices installed in citizens’ homes, we measure key health indicators, monitor conditions and alert emergency services if required.

Adult social care

We monitor alarms installed in vulnerable individuals’ homes and alert contact centres or emergency services in the event of an emergency.

Welcome to endoveli

Technology-enabled healthcare solutions

endoveli is a flexible, innovative healthcare solution that enables public sector clients to keep communities healthy. Combining digital innovation with clinical expertise, we provide vital health services to the general public.

Person-centred, clinically-led and underpinned by digital technology, our goal is to:

  • Keep people well, and in turn, prevent ill health
  • Support vulnerable people and people living with a health condition

Customised and tailored to meet community health needs

Our variety of technology-enabled care solutions allow us to support people in managing their own health, enable faster intervention and treatment, improve overall patient care and reduce healthcare costs in our communities.

Wellness platforms

Empowering people to assess, manage and improve their health and wellness.

Assessments & advice

Connecting to Healthcare Professionals to assess, monitor and advise on overall health.

Remote monitoring

Using medical devices and installed home alarms to monitor and respond to health indicators.

Emergency response

Alerting the relevant contact centre or emergency services in the event of an emergency.

Quality of life

Enabling vulnerable citizens to live independently by enabling self-care.

Wellness platforms

Assessments & advice

Remote monitoring

Emergency response

Quality of life