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Welcome to Underdog Loophole!

We are early Bitcoin Investors who have dedicated our lives to making mass adoption of blockchain technology  safer, easier and more accessible for everyone, by developing inexpensive guides and educational material that we wish existed years ago when we first entered the crypto space. Each of our guides are designed to be useful  for all knowledge levels and technical understandings. By using our products, you will be able to save yourself time, frustration and you’ll learn how to protect yourself from costly mistakes. You’ll jump through years of knowledge in weeks, and you’ll soon be evaluating potential investments like a pro. You will learn how to find out about the best upcoming projects before anyone else, and most importantly, you will learn how to acquire and preserve life-changing wealth.

Each of our products was designed as a complete guide to a specific area of interest, with emphasis on maximum value delivery for minimal investment. We felt that the cryptocurrency markets represent a unique chance to level the playing field once and for all, and that the main barrier to equal opportunity and life changing wealth was the ease of access to reliable information. Many would-be investors suffer from research fatigue, waste hours and hours sifting through misinformation, or grossly overpay for help which seldom meets its sales-pitch hype. And so, we created the Loophole for the Underdog. A cost-efficient and time-efficient way for new players to catch up to the old players. In the true spirit of Blockchain, decentralization works better when the maximum number of people who want to take part, can take part.