Every management team has uncertainties about their brand positioning and product-market fit.  

I can help answer your critical questions.

Close Your Knowledge Gaps for Stronger Market Positioning

The better a technical or management team understands its market and potential customers, the more targeted their service delivery and messaging can be. 

Typical client questions:

  • What do my customers think of my new product/service idea?
  • What new market segments should I prioritize?
  • What important trends and influences are driving change in my marketplace?
  • How can I best differentiate myself from my competitors?
  • What messages should I emphasize in my marketing materials?
  • What are the best marketing activities for me to pursue next quarter or next year?

My goal is to capture your prospects' attention with strategically targeted marketing that will move them swiftly through your sales funnel to conversion.

If you could use insightful marketing thinking in your organization, click around and learn more.  My blend of experienced issue diagnosis, intelligent execution, responsible project management, and personal service might be just right for you.