We are building a unique consulting model that

Enabling those with smaller war chests to dream big and do big

The problem we are solving

Our discussions with various clients informed us that there is widening gap between business needs and consultant capabilities.

Your need for speed and sophistication

We understand your needs have become exponentially sophisticated and need answers fast! Consultant capabilities and traditional delivery models no longer working for you

Want modular access to consulting solution canvas

You don’t want to hire the whole team for some needs that could be solved by modular access to specific solution component (method/tool/expertise)

Would like billing to be more outcome based

Traditional billing-hour model does not adequately incent outcomes. We understand you want to pay for value delivered and not for effort inputs

Expect your consultants to be using latest technology too

We understand you are not just looking for “smart” but for “empowered” consultants who can use smart automation, products and AI in delivery workflows

What Experts are Saying....

How we are solving the problem

We are pioneering an AI First Approach to Consulting through a unique networked consulting business model that combines Digital assets/AI powered tools, Analytics-driven approach and Domain & industry knowledge to deliver superior outcomes for your business needs.

AI-First Approach
We are pioneering an AI-First approach in delivery workflows that seeks to automate repetitive and manual grunt work and augments professional judgement of consultants. This allows consultants to spend more time in value-add activities and drive significantly superior results for you

Domain & Industry expertise (Human element still rules!)
We believe that to deliver superior and sustainable results, domain and industry expertise is most critical. Engagements done through Stratscient always have extensive involvement of experts (with low junior resource time) who have been in your shoes and deeply understand your needs

Analytics & Fact-Driven approach
In this digital age, decision making purely based on gut is a surest strategy for failure. Our discussions with many clients informs us that there is a significant rise in analytics & fact-driven decision making culture. Our approaches are fully aligned and in fact something "core" to how we do things

Immersive Consulting Experience (ICE):
Our philosophy is underpinned in our belief that consulting should drive value outcomes (both qualitative and quantitative) and not just outputs & deliverables. Every engagement through Stratscient has therefore been designed to deliver an elegant and engaged (qualitative) experience that deliver results effectively and efficiently (quantitative)

Our Client Focus

We love everyone but we love these Private/Mid-Market clients a little more!

The ones with problems

  • SMB

  • Start-Ups

  • Private Enterprises

The ones with the magic pills

  • Product Companies

  • Consulting firms (SME, Gigsters etc.)

Our Secret Sauce

Here are some things that make us rock like no one else!

Value obsessed

We go to work to make a difference and not just to get a pay cheque.

Future now!

We are the “current” designed through prism of the future.

AFA’ble pricing

RIP Billable hour. We are all-in for transparent Alternative Fee Arrangements (AFA).

Tech “infused”

Did we say we are fully in cloud? Tech is our DNA. This is how we roll folks!

Less Blah Blah More Work

We do less blah blah and more work...until we hit the bar after work.

Parsimony rules

We are a quite stingy with overheads so we can be magnanimous with our prices.

More bang for your buck

Quality and speed are our differentiators but our work is lot cheaper.


Diversity is the very essence of our organizations character.

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