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Our Mission

Promoting sustainable water management for agriculture in Manitoba



Promoting sustainable water management for agriculture in Manitoba




Join today to become a part of the voice in promoting sustainable water management for agriculture in Manitoba.



Finger Lakes transplant changed farming forever

You wouldn't guess it by the name. But something as mundane-sounding as drain tiles actually changed the course of farming in the United States and made one local farmer—ridiculed at first—famous and prosperous. John Johnston was an unlikely entrepreneur. Born in 1791 in Scotland to a family of sheep farmers, Johnston arrived in New York City in 1821...

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Farmers try controlled drainage to keep water, nutrients in place

Too much or too little water accounts for about 67% of the risk in growing corn and soybeans. That risk could be dramatically cut with controlled drainage. On flatter soils, water tables can be raised and lowered with structures inserted into tile lines. The structures double up on tile functions, backing water up in a field when the crop needs it, as well as draining it...

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Soil salt spots bigger this year in North Dakota

Areas of North Dakota with a white crust on the soil are expanding this spring due to an accumulation of salts in the soil. “Soil salinity is caused by excess soil moisture that dissolves subsoil salts and brings those salts to the soil surface,” explains Chris Augustin, area Extension soil health specialist at North Dakota State University’s North Central Research Extension Center near Minot...

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Farmer uses tiles to drain, and irrigate, field

MOORHEAD, Minn. (AP) — A farmer in the Red River Valley is one of a few testing a new idea to bring back excess water to fields when it’s needed. Having too much water is often a problem for farmers in the valley. But Gerry Zimmerman, who farms near Moorhead, Minnesota, has devised a system to pump water from a drainage ditch back into fields through underground drain tile...

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