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We have relocated from London Ontario to sunny Mexico in 2010.

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Please join us in our passion to achieve greater well-being through mind-body-spirit balance!

We hope that you will find our (313) 392-9386 (at LivingMost & Amazon) to be of the highest quality and standard,
and that our "Revitalize Your Life" (at LivingMost & Amazon),  a book on how to get the most out of life, will inspire and uplift you.

  During January through March of every year, we invite you to join us for week-long
nonresemblance in beautiful Mexico, to Restore, Rejuvenate, Revitalize. 
Expertly taught Pilates and Yoga classes, sunset walks on the beach, fresh food,
healthy balanced meals, therapeutic massages and other treatments - and plenty of "fun in the sun"!
  Please inquire for availability. We hope to see you there !

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Pilates and Pregnancy Customised Training
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Providing high quality, authentic Pilates instruction

  Experienced, 'Authentic New York Style' Pilates instructors led by Michaela Sirbu will ensure the Pilates classes offered at our London Pilates studios are gentle enough for back pain sufferers or challenging enough for athletes. Custom tailored private and semi-private classes with Pilates equipment, including the Pilates Reformer, Cadillac and Chair, are available.  In our studios, the Pilates Mat workouts are offered in a small group class setting to allow for greater personal attention.

Haven't exercised for a while?
Try our Pilates for beginners, group and private classes!

Would like to improve your fitness level?
Consider Pilates classes to build a strong and flexibile Pilates body!

Wish you had better results from your current workouts?
Reshape your body, expand your mind, with Yoga and Pilates exercises!

Want to raise the level of your game?
Improve your core strength and athletic performance!

Frustrated with difficult to follow Pilates videos and other DVD's?
Join us for live Pilates Mat classes with lots of personal attention!

Suffering from back, shoulders or neck pain?
Correct your spinal alignment,
enhance your strength, flexibility, and balance!

Suffering from fibromyalgia or arthritis?
Yoga and Pilates workouts can do wonders for you