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Canadian Automotive Industry 2015 Retail Sales

In Canada, 84% of vehicle purchases are financed, and of those loans, on average nationally 50% are sub-prime or near-prime and increasing.

Higher quality and longer lasting vehicles forces more attention to be put on the entire “value chain” of the vehicle – Sale / Finance / Aftermarket. The ideal auto finance solution puts you in control of all three.

Source: Derosiers Automotive Consultants

Integrated solutions for a complex market

Your business – at your fingertips.

ideal connects all points of your business. Inventory, sales, financing, and aftermarket products.. It brings together every element needed to keep your customers – and your profitability – driving forward. ideal is a win / win / win solution delivering increased customer satisfaction, increased finance efficiency and approvals, and increased profitability for your business.


Keep your business safe – in the cloud.

Cloud processing and storage means your data – and company – is secure from equipment failure, data/server theft, and outdated software versions. Browser based, you can access your business from anywhere in the world on a Mac, PC desktop or any mobile device.


Stay in control – with powerful reporting and analytics

ideal keeps you informed in every critical aspect of your business. Valuable data on inventory status and projected value, sales analysis, and identification of new revenue opportunities within your existing portfolio.

Empowering Retail Sales

Powerful Inventory Access

ideal brings together a network of wholesalers and retailers to your dealership. Vehicle matches for your customers can be sourced not only from your inventory but offsite vehicle pools as well – all containing critical valuation data essential to put the right buyer in the right vehicle.

Intelligent Finance Projections

With ideal, your sales organization will enjoy the knowledge and acumen of a seasoned finance manager to complete prime, near-prime, and sub-prime deals by utilizing artificial intelligence to properly match the customers credit with finance sources, programs and suitable vehicles. This will ensure maximum profitability for your dealership and avoid rejected submissions due to human error or finance inexperience.

Algorithmic Vehicle Matching

The ideal proprietary patent pending algorithm matches your customer with the vehicle that suits their needs while providing optimal profitability for your business. Cutting edge technology learns and adapts to your organization by leveraging and utilizing a comprehensive set of valuation, finance and customer data points.

Empowering Vehicle Wholesalers

Valuation Insights

Acquire and sell vehicles at the right time and the right price. ideal provides you with intelligent valuation and trend data for vehicles you’re considering purchasing. ideal also mines data about your inventory and flags vehicles that are at risk of devaluation or finance-ability changes which may impact your bottom line, allowing you to move vehicles faster.

Know Your Costs

ideal tracks every vehicle’s cost history throughout the inventory life cycle. Make informed decisions regarding valuation, damage, repairs, and preparation to make frontline ready. ideal brings total awareness and understanding of your investments to your fingertips.

Feature Your Product

ideal brings together a virtual network of wholesalers and retailers to your doorstep. Manage and promote your virtual inventory in ideal lots for optimal targeted sales opportunities. Find what you’re looking for and show others what you’ve got.

Manage Value Chain Services

Integrate Valuable Services

ideal manages services such as maintenance, repairs, detailing, delivery and other tasks right inside the sales workflow, allowing your business to add value and drive your bottom line.

On-Demand Providers

ideal puts you in control of the vendors and service providers in your network. Quickly greenlight services to your providers from inside the ideal workflow or allow them to bid on available tasks.

Logistics Management

ideal calculates delivery and vehicle concierge services based on location to dealers who require this feature. Predict costs with confidence and accuracy. Track services and receive notification of events you want to be aware of. ideal streamlines logistics services and reduces labour involved in their management.

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Ready for delivery in early 2018: we are currently assessing candidates that would like to be part of the early beta and test drive the system. To join the many excited dealers already signed up, fill in the form below to be contacted by us and be part of the pilot. Ideal is the first financial technology system that leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning, which empowers dealer principles, partners, and executives to maximize the full profit potential of your finance spectrum. Our proprietary technology is ideal for sub-prime, near prime, and prime customers.

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