Wallace Emerson Community Ball Hockey

Community run nonprofit ball hockey league

Team and League Size

For our inaugural season, we’ll be keeping the 7 and up teams to 14 players each. The youngest age groups will have 10 players on each team with a rotating goalie. We’ll have four teams per combined age group divisions, leaving a maximum of 56 spots per age group.

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Why we need to be a non-profit

We’ve had a few people ask why we only accept kids from the area. Basically, the city of Toronto rents the Wallace-Emerson rink for $75.00 an hour, however, if you’re a non-profit serving the local community with liability insurance of two million dollars, you can rent the rinks for free.


Looking for board members

WECBH is looking to fill several board-member positions to help maintain our non-profit status. Check out the complete list here. We meet bi-monthly. Since this is our inaugural year, we’re looking for members who can help carve out the responsibilities of their specific positions for future board members.


The website

Hello World, As you may, or may not, have noticed, the official WECBH website is online and operational. It’s designed to help facilitate the signup process for the families of WECBH, and to publish news updates about the general day-to-day of this organization. If you have any feedback to requests for the website, please email […]

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