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Los Gatos Insurance Center | Home Car Auto insurance California

At Los Gatos Insurance Center we strive to provide our clients with the confidence and certainty to pursue their objectives. We offer an excellent array of personal and business insurance coverage for competitive premiums.

Our job is to make sure that our clients have the personal and corporate confidence necessary to succeed in today's markets. So, not surprisingly, client focus is at the core of our impressive growth.

Our job doesn't just begin and end by matching our clients to insurers. We represent their interests throughout. This ensures that we get them the best possible results from insurers.

The best advice we can give you is to work with an insurance broker you trust. Throughout our years in business, we have helped many clients through difficult times. After all, being here for you in difficult times is what insurance is all about. Together, we can create a cost-effective plan to protect you, your family and your employees now and in the future.

We listen carefully, work together to identify and evaluate areas of need, and develop individualized programs and services to help you reduce and control costs and achieve financial goals. For day-to-day help on issues like claims processing, eligibility issues, enrollment and coordination of benefits – or even just to bounce an idea off someone you trust, our team of experts is on call for you.

With Los Gatos Insurance Center on your side, you can rest assured we will work to simplify your life and help to make your insurance as cost-effective as possible. You benefit from our:

  • Long-standing relationships with carriers (significant negotiating leverage)
  • Extensive experience in designing, negotiating, implementing and servicing insurance programs
  • Entrepreneurial approach to providing customized solutions to your needs
  • Utilization of internal and technical resources to create a comprehensive program
  • Informed professionals who are continually updated and educated in coverage, product, marketplace and legal issues
  • Superior service - we provide a level of service unmatched by anyone in the business

We encourage you to learn more about our capabilities. For additional information about how we can solve your insurance problems, contact us as at 408-356-6747.

Insurance license number: 0509451