Hello, world!

Welcome to your new single-page application, built with:

To help you get started, we've also set up:

  • Client-side navigation. For example, click Counter then Back to return here.
  • Webpack dev middleware. In development mode, there's no need to run the webpack build tool. Your client-side resources are dynamically built on demand. Updates are available as soon as you modify any file.
  • Hot module replacement. In development mode, you don't even need to reload the page after making most changes. Within seconds of saving changes to files, rebuilt React components will be injected directly into your running application, preserving its live state.
  • Efficient production builds. In production mode, development-time features are disabled, and the webpack build tool produces minified static CSS and JavaScript files.
  • Server-side prerendering. To optimize startup time, your React application is first rendered on the server. The initial HTML and state is then transferred to the browser, where client-side code picks up where the server left off.