Enable, Protect & Certify Creative Process

Automatic blockchain registration & audit trail


Creators, Producers, Agencies

Musicians, writers, designers, photographers, filmmakers…

SENDERGRAM is a secure way to send, present, discuss, transact, deliver and accept payment for creative work, intellectual property and important files.

Don’t Create Without It!

Proof of existence, integrity, and authorship

​​No more disputes about who created what and when, what was discussed, exchanged, or agreed on. Sendergram establishes a permanent, tamper-proof blockchain record and cryptographic audit trail of all creative work, the entire communication between parties and their actions.

Not another storage service

Unify and share storage you already use

You don’t need another storage service! Instead, Sendergram makes the free or paid storage services you already use (Dropbox, Google Drive, One Drive, Vimeo and YouTube) more useful by making them all available into place. For teams, it’s a simple and very cost-effective shared storage solution.

You are only 3 mins away from sending your first SENDERGRAM



​​Protected, registered, certified


​​A blockchain registered cryptographic audit-trail helps to secure creative work, protect and reinforce copyright, make infringement harder and reduce misunderstanding and disputes. ​​With Sendergram you can trust that when you send, present discuss or deliver creative work all files and information being transferred are protected, registered and certified.


We support all creative types

Sendergram supports all creative types: photographers, filmmakers, musicians, screen writers, journalists, designers, advertising & digital agencies, art buyers, galleries, sales reps, sales, and production teams who create, produce, own, traffic and transact with copyrighted content or intellectual property.

For a limited time only

​​While we introduce Sendergram you can send and track as many Sendergram’s as you like and blockchain register an unlimited amount of files and data for free. ​​