Virginia Beach Christian Schools

Math videos that explain how to do math problems are a great, no cost way to learn math online. When it comes to adding and subtracting polynomials and multiplying binomials, there is a lot of free online help when you check out our website. For the best free geometry tutoring online, see our video selection. If you get confused with the transcendental functions and need to learn about hyperbolic functions, we have free videos about that. Whether you are in grade 8 or high school, you can study math online with our video series.

In addition to our regular classes, we have outdoor programs that are fun as well as educational. A special activity for our summer camp students is to take a field trip to a museum. Getting help with math problems is easy when you have access to our online math tutor. Our staff, as a whole, believes that early learning and education should include Christian values. You can have unlimited access to our math videos so you can learn at your own pace and stay ahead of your class.

We have a pilot program called BYAD, Bring Your Approved Device, where students are allowed to bring in their own technology device. The curriculum we use for all of our classes is taught in a Christian manner. Our Christian teachers are highly qualified and they truly care about your children. Sometimes the student body will gather together for an all-worship chapel as part of their day. If your student learns better with one on one help, then our video math training may be just what she needs.

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