Replere® by Dr. Debbie Palmer —Nature-based skincare, power loaded with antioxidants.

REPLERE is one the most potent antioxidant skincare lines you can buy. Developed by leading dermatologist Dr. Debbie Palmer, REPLERE skincare - and its complementary antioxidant drink, REPLERE Beauty Shooters - features a powerful and revitalizing antioxidant-Coffea arabica extract, to help fight against free radicals and reverse signs of aging. “I developed REPLERE as a collection of powerful repair products, ” says REPLERE founder Dr. Debbie Palmer. “They are designed to be applied to the skin first, under your moisturizer, and in weeks, you will see a visible difference in the overall appearance of your skin.”

All REPLERE products are paraben, fragrance and dye free.

Did You Know? 5 Fast Facts About Antioxidants

1. A single person produces an average of 5 pounds of free radicals each year- just from breathing air and digesting food.

2. Coffee is the single most commonly consumed antioxidant source in the United States. The average American drinks 1.64 cups of coffee per day, yielding 1,229 milligrams of antioxidants, four times the amount of antioxidants Americans get from tea.

3. Eating organic, minimally processed foods reduces the amount of free radicals produced by the body. Fruits and vegetables treated with pesticides, as well as processed foods, can generate free radicals in the body.

4. Oral and topical antioxidants can help heal wounds, from a minor cut a surgical incision. Research has shown that antioxidants aid in the growth of new blood vessels (also called angiogenesis)—which helps wounds heal faster.

5. Applying, every night, a topical antioxidant directly to age spots—areas of sun-damaged skin where melanin has been concentrated—can help fade them.

Replere Before/After Photos

See the amazing improvement in appearance of facial wrinkles, firmness, hyperpigmentation, blotchy redness and clarity after use of Replere skincare products.


Dr. Debbie Palmer debuts Replere on QVC

Visit the QVC website to watch Dr. Debbie Palmer present the Replere Collection on QVC! Explore the entire Replere Collection here at our store. (Click the video tab on QVC's website to view the clip.)


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