Double Canadian Hunting Horn iPhone/ Price on Request

Big Phonograph iPhone/Samsung/ Price on Request

Mini Acoustilogue Nr. 2 SOLD!

Music Master/ SOLD!

Magnavox R-3 Model/ Price on Request

1923 Burns Radio Speaker/ Price on Request

Big Phonograph Acoustilogue/Sold!

1925 Ethovox / Price on Request

1925 S. G. Brown/SOLD!

Alt French Horn Acoustilogue/SOLD!

Grammophone Horn 1905/SOLD!

Music Master SOLD!

Franz Kaiser French Horn Nr.1 /iPhone SOLD!

The Acoustilogue

Is a passive amplifier for mobile devices like Apple, Android or Windows smartphones and tablets. The new version works with all Bluetooth compatible devices!






It's where Baltazar makes those fantastic Acoustilogue's and many more inventions that are yet to come.

Nestled in the heart of busy area of lombok/utrecht, Baltazar’s Barn pays homage to simpler times. Combining love of music, i have created a passive/active smartphone amplifier named Acoustilogue for smartphones (iphone 4&5/Samsung/Nokia en etc) and tablets (iPads). The new version of Acoustilogues works with all Blue-tooth compatible devices. Some of Acoustilogues work both way : passive and active. Passive amplification means you just put your smartphone on it and the Acoustilogue does the rest to amplify the sound in a natural way. Just a professional made wooden box made from  real wood, and a wind instrument horn to draw the maximum volume from your smartphone speaker.

At Baltazar’s Barn i strive to separate myself from the mass-produced, disposable-minded world, creating a lasting, quality product. From cutting, joining, and branding the real wood, to disassembling and polishing the wood and the actual wind instrument horn, i try to create one of a kind of these beauties. Combining timeless simplicity with modern styling. Each one of Acoustilogues are handcrafted At Baltazar’s Barn using natural resources.