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While traditional PBMs focus only on the $370 billion pharmacy market, RxAdvance pursues a much greater opportunity.

Our Services

Through our Collaborative PBM Cloud™ platform, we administer comprehensive PBM services with 40% lower operating costs, which leads to lower administrative fees, reduced drug unit costs, and increased rebate income to plan sponsors.

Focuses on the
Total Addressable
Market of $840 BillionLearn More

120 Billion 350 Billion 370 Billion
  • National Full-Service Pharmacy Benefit Manager
  • Reduce overall pharmacy spend by 10-12%


  • Avoidable Drug-Impacted Medical Cost Management Program
  • Reduce avoidable drug-impacted medical spend by 20-25%

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  • Convert from “Buy & Bill” to “Authorize & Manage”
  • Reduce specialty spend by 10-15%

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Who We Serve

RxAdvance proudly serves Health Plans, Accountable Care Organizations, Employers and Medicare/Medicaid Programs to help close gaps in care, improve medication adherence, and ensure resources are wisely spent.

Health Plans

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Accountable Care Organizations

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