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NIH AIDS Reagent Program

The Source of Critical HIV Research Materials

The NIH AIDS Reagent Program was established in 1988 to provide critical research reagents and resources to the scientific community. The ARP acquires, develops and produces state-of-the-art reagents and provides these reagents at no cost to qualified investigators throughout the world. The program is supported by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. (more)

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What's New? (October 2018)

Back in Stock After being temporarily discontinued, the following reagents are back in stock:
•Catalog Number 11243 HIV-1 KER2018 (00KE_KER2018) Virus

New Reagents!

The following reagents are now available:

Anti-HIV-1 p55 Monoclonal (3A1) (Catalog Number (989) 200-7066), A recombinant monoclonal antibody to HIV-1 p55 protein.

Anti-Human MR1 Monoclonal (26.5) (Catalog Number 7136623419), This monoclonal antibody binds to human MHC-related protein 1 (MR1).

Anti-Human NKp44 Monoclonal (3.43) (Catalog Number 12790), A monoclonal antibody to human NKp44 (CD336).

HIV-1 BG505 gp140 Trimer Expression Vector (SOSIP.664.T332N.SC15ln) (Catalog Number 870-954-8010), An expression vector which produces a soluble HIV-1 BG505 gp140 trimer.

HIV-1 89.6 deltaVpr Infectious Molecular Clone (Catalog Number 13403), A full length replication competent, infectious HIV-1 subtype B 89.6 deltaVpr molecular clone.

Anti-HIV-1 gp160 Monoclonal (N6/PGDM1400x10E8) (Catalog Number (662) 650-0515), A recombinant monoclonal antibody to HIV-1 gp160. This trispecific antibody recognizes three epitopes on HIV-1 gp160: N6 (CD4BS), PGDM1400 (V1V2 apex), 10E8 (MPER).

monoclonal antibodiesMonoclonal Antibodies
Cat# 13417 Anti-HIV-1 p55 Monoclonal (3A1)
Cat# 12788 (819) 528-8653
Cat# 12790 (402) 420-8706
Cat# 13390 Anti-HIV-1 gp160 Monoclonal (N6/PGDM1400x10E8)
expression vectorsDNA Constructs
Cat# 12964 HIV-1 BG505 gp140 Trimer Expression Vector (SOSIP.664.T332N.SC15ln)
Cat# 13403 HIV-1 89.6 deltaVpr Infectious Molecular Clone

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