Future is Solar

Future Is Solar

EP Solar systems save money and protects the environment by reducing our dependency on coal and nuclear energy.


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Your Light Switch

Halve Your Costs

Using EmerLED tubes in the office you could reduce your electricity consumption by up to 50%.


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Your Light Switch

Energy Saving Powerboard

Saving energy has never been so easy, by reducing the power consumption of inactive appliances.


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Your Light Switch

Slash Your Electricity Bill

Reduce your electricity bill up to 80% with our range of high quality CFL's.


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World leading lighting technology that significantly reduces the consumption of electricity in offices.

Solar Systems

Photo-voltaic Solar Panel Photo-voltaic Solar Panelling (PV) lets you use the suns energy to make your own electricity. Electricity from this renewable energy source is one of the best ways to reduce your environmental footprint. 

All EP systems are fully certified and listed by the Australian Clean Energy Council.  Emerald Planet PV systems are available through a range of suppliers.


Standby Saver

The Emerald Planet Energy Saving Powerboard saves power consumption. Detects when you switch your TV off with the remote control and cuts all power.

 The Emerald Planet Energy Saving Powerboard is simple to use, works seamlessly to detect standby of TV, Stereo, DVD and other systems automatically.