One of the longest established schools in the region, Newcastle Grammar School is the leading independent coeducational day school with over 800 students and staff from Pre-school to Year 12.

Our School has a proud and well-respected tradition of welcoming students from a wide variety of backgrounds, drawing students from the Hunter region and across the globe.

The School combines the very best of academic standards, including music, sport and the arts. Staff and students are encouraged to pursue personal excellence in all that they do. Our students are respected as individuals and are expected to contribute positively to our School environment.

  • Head of School's Welcome

    Head of School's Welcome

    Welcome to Newcastle Grammar School. Newcastle Grammar School is committed to preparing young men and women, through a holistic education, to lead lives of purpose and success.

    For over 100 years, Newcastle Grammar School has been the educational leader in the Hunter Region. We are committed to ensuring that our students are supported, nurtured and valued as individuals. The development of your son's or daughter’s individual potential, self-belief, resilience and independence is very important to us. The strong academic programme, caring pastoral system and diverse co-curricular offerings, allow each child to explore their potential. Our well resourced two campus structure – the Park Campus for Pre-school and Years K-4; and the Hill Campus Years 5-12, enable positive learning and experiences.

    We enjoy a relationship with the Anglican Church in Newcastle and students are able to explore their own spirituality as they grow into young adults. The local, national and international social justice initiatives encourage students to think widely about others and lead lives of purpose.

    Newcastle Grammar School is a dynamic environment, committed to the provision of quality education. If you are interested in finding out more about the School, please contact the School on 4929 5811 to speak to our Enrolments Officer or make an appointment for a guided tour.

    Mrs Erica Thomas - Head of School

    • Quality Education For All Ages

      Newcastle Grammar School enrols boys and girls from Pre-school through to Higher School Certificate level.

      With a Two Campus Focus – Park Campus (Pre-school to Year 4) and Hill Campus (Years 5-12) all the children in the family are able to be educated at the one school.

      Modern facilities have been purpose built to cater for the special needs of all sections of the School. The School's campuses give the best possible opportunities for all students.

      With excellent results in academic, cultural and sporting pursuits as well as consistent performances well above the State average in all external examinations and competitions, Newcastle Grammar School has an enviable record of achievement. Classes are structured to allow each student to work towards realising his or her potential in a supportive atmosphere conducive to achievement.

      Park Campus (Pre-school)
      0090The Pre-school caters for children in the year before Kindergarten.

      Our hand-picked, caring and qualified staff work in a safe, fun and challenging environment. They allow children to explore, experiment, create, discover and interact, developing the skills recognised as the foundations for a balanced life. The flexible programmes promote self-discovery and spontaneous learning in a happy and secure way.

      Visits to specialist teachers in the Music Room and the Library at Park Campus as well as visits to Kindergarten help in the transition to school.

      Park Campus (Kindergarten - Year 4)
      allegorizerStudents from Kindergarten to Year 4 are taught in an environment that is warm, friendly and supportive. The Park Campus allows the students to feel secure in their early years of primary education.

      The School provides the structure and discipline required for young children to develop both socially and academically. Although the curriculum provides a broad based introduction to the adventure of education, the emphasis is on the traditional areas of literacy and numeracy. Students work in ability groups in several areas of the curriculum.

      Specialist teachers work in the areas of music, PD/H/PE, library and languages including French and Mandarin. A varied programme of excursions and camps provides opportunities for the children to experience at first hand the subjects studied.

      Students have access to specialist learning support including occupational therapy and counselling services.

      Hill Campus (Year 5 - 8)
      0039On the Hill Campus, Years 5-8 make up the middle years of schooling. Students have a Home Base with one person as their key carer.

      In Years 5 to 8, our aim is that students' learning is more meaningful and they become more connected students who are able to achieve and excel. Students are encouraged to become aware of and strengthen their preferred learning styles and take advantage of the array of opportunities on offer at our School.

      Hill Campus (Years 9 - 12)
      0123The Senior School, Years 9 to 12 is located at the Hill Campus.

      The School curriculum meets all Board of Studies requirements. The Years 9 & 10 Curriculum and Years 11 & 12 Curriculum are designed to develop the academic potential of each student, with the pursuit of excellence being the underlying objective.

      The Years 9 to 12 students are given opportunities to develop in leadership roles in all aspects of School life. Support, guidance and encouragement are given to them by their mentors and teachers as they make choices in their selection of elective subjects.

      Before School, After School & Vacation Care
      Newcastle Grammar School has a Before School and After School Child Care Programme and Vacation Care available for students in Pre-school to Year 8.

      • The NGS Framework

        The NGS Framework

        The NGS Framework encapsulates the philosophy of education that underpins the approach to teaching and learning at Newcastle Grammar School. It makes explicit our values and outlines the attributes we encourage our students to aspire to. It also represents the explicit programmes designed to develop these qualities.

        Graduate Aims

        A graduate of NGS is cognisant of a shared humanity through the complementary elements of the heart, the head and the hand.

        The Heart:
        The graduate has an understanding of self and others. This encompasses the expression of empathy, kindness, forgiveness, positivity, gratitude and resilience.

        The graduate operates from a position of integrity, self-efficacy, resilience, respect and compassion in their interactions with others.

        The Head:
        The graduate embraces the experience of life-long- learning: enjoying the challenges of problem solving; valuing and demonstrating critical and creative thinking.

        The graduate is willing to challenge themselves in their learning, reflect on their thinking, build understanding through collaboration, demonstrate commitment, strive for excellence and take pride in their achievements.

        The Hand:
        The graduate recognises the needs of the community and the wider world and responds with meaningful service and compassion.

        The graduate is committed to ethical humanitarian values, promotes intercultural understandings and respects diversity.


        The educational experience at Newcastle Grammar School is underpinned by the core values of:

        Respect: we acknowledge that a shared humanity underpins respect for all and believe that our interactions must operate from a basis of mutual respect.

        Integrity: We value honesty to ourselves and others, while being guided by our informed moral compass. We will demonstrate trustworthiness and responsibility in our interactions with others.

        Service: We are prepared to lead and act to enrich the lives of others and understand that this, in turn, enriches our lives. We recognise that true happiness is dependent on both feeling good about ourselves and doing good for others.

        Excellence: We work together collaboratively in an environment where the pursuit of excellence is encouraged, fostered and valued. Every day we strive to bring the best version of ourselves to all that we do. We understand that authentic wellbeing promotes excellence.


        We provide a holistic curriculum that is designed to support and empower students in their individual pursuit for excellence.

        Learner Attributes

        We strive to provide students with a learning experience and opportunities that will allow them to RISE to the challenges they will face in an increasing complex global world, to develop the knowledge and skills that will allow them to FLOURISH as global citizens who can and will contribute to the development of a better world and to foster a creative spirit and a positive outlook on life.

        The programmes at Newcastle Grammar School aim to develop students who are:

        • Empowered
        • Curious
        • Confident
        • Ethical
        • Responsible
        • Resilient
        • Engaged
        • Compassionate
        • Determined
        • Tolerant and Open-Minded
        • Positive
        • Enthusiastic
        • Ethical
        • Collaborative
        • Effective Communicators
        • Critical Thinkers
        • Creative
        • Reflective
        • Problem-Solvers
        • Self-Directed


        Student wellbeing is at the core of academic success and an intrinsic aspect of the School’s ethos. Therefore, underpinning our academic curriculum is a progressive wellbeing programme based on the principles of Positive Psychology that encourages a Growth Mindset and the development of key Habits of Mind.

        Teaching and Learning

         At the heart of our approach to teaching and learning is the fundamental belief that all students can achieve success at school. We know that the quality of teaching is the most significant school-based factor affecting student outcomes, therefore, our aim is to provide students with a consistently high standard of education based on evidence-based research into effective teaching and current learning theory. The key dimensions of our Teaching and Learning Framework are:

        • Learning Environment
        • Curriculum Design
        • Teaching Practices
        • Assessment Strategies

        Our staff are supported in their endeavours to enhance the quality of student learning and educational outcomes through high-quality professional development.

        • Our Values

          Our Values


          • Acknowledgement that a shared humanity underpins respect
          • A belief that our interactions operate from a basis of respect


          • Being honest to yourself and others
          • Having awareness of your moral compass
          • Demonstrating trustworthiness and responsibility


          • An appreciation of diversity and an understanding of appropriate and authentic responses
          • A desire to enrich the lives of others and an understanding that in turn this enriches our own lives
          • A preparedness to lead and act for others


          • That we work together in an environment where the pursuit of excellence is encouraged, fostered and valued
          • That we understand that authentic wellbeing promotes excellence and is dependent on both feeling good about ourselves and doing good for others
          • That you bring the best version of yourself to school each day
          • Christian Ethos & Student Wellbeing

            Christian Ethos

            The Christian foundation of the School has been maintained since the first classes were held in the Christ Church Vestry. These strong links with the Anglican Church remain today. All Hill Campus students participate in weekly worship in Christ Church Cathedral (the School Chapel) and regular Divinity lessons. Chapel at the Park Campus is also held weekly.

            Our religious education programme promotes an understanding of the Christian faith within the Anglican tradition and is designed to assist students develop a well rounded and balanced approach to life. The School accepts students from all religious denominations and faiths.

            Student Wellbeing

            The Student Wellbeing programme reflects the overall educational philosophy of Newcastle Grammar School. The programme aims to foster resilience, promote respect for each other and ourselves and cultivate our relationships with one another. Staff strive to ensure that each student is known and valued as an individual, experiences a sense of belonging and feels safe. In this way the social and emotional wellbeing of each student is promoted.

            A focus on the holistic wellbeing and progress of our students is developed through:

            • the integration of the principles of positive education into the School’s well being programmes
            • the philosophy, structure and practices of the House and Mentor system on the Hill Campus
            • the explicit teaching of targeted Wellbeing programmes that are age appropriate
            • the care shown by Staff in their daily interactions with students
            • the availability of student support services including psychology services
            • Strategic Plan

              Strategic Plan

              The Newcastle Grammar School Strategic Plan, will set the course for the School for the next 3 years and beyond and is the result of a yearlong process to create a document that will serve as the roadmap for the School's future.

              The strategic plan will serve as a guide for the School and will set us on the path to becoming one of the nation's premier institutions.

              (639) 262-1540 to view the Plan.

              • Facilities

                Park Campus (Pre-school & Kindergarten to Year 4)
                Park Campus, within two kilometres of the original campus, has its own library, music room and computer room. Students also have access to interactive whiteboards and computers in every classroom.

                A new building was opened in 2001 with well-equipped rooms catering for the needs of the students. The Sandi Warren Performance Centre is used by the whole School for musical and dramatic productions, assemblies, physical education lessons, lectures and dinners.

                Hill Campus (Years 5 to 12)
                The Hill Campus offers the best possible facilities. Holland House opened in 2007, houses wonderful Technological and Applied Studies facilities, including a commercial kitchen.

                The Industrial Technology Faculty has new woodwork facilities and iMac computers which can run both Apple and Microsoft Windows programmes. The building also incorporates facilities for Drama, PE change rooms, a second stage of the Computer development, a student terrace, general classrooms, a Year 12 common room and a staff common room.

                Our Library, the central resource of the School, is an outstanding facility and is open from 8.00am to 5.30pm each day and for most of the year.

                Horbury Hunt Hall
                The Horbury Hunt Hall provides a place for Drama, PE classes and Assemblies.

                Holland Design & Technology
                The Holland Building houses state-of-the-art technology areas, including two workshops, machine bay and major project area for design and technology timber, ICT computer labs, a fully equipped commercial kitchen for the teaching of hospitality and a second kitchen and classroom space for design and technology food.

                Sporting & Fitness
                We believe that a healthy balance between academic, social and sporting activities will provide a positive grounding for every student's development.

                Newcastle Grammar School offers a range of sporting and fitness opportunities to its students including Aerobics and Hip Hop, Basketball, Futsal, Hockey, Netball, Rowing, Rugby, Soccer, Surf Survival and Surf Lifesaving, Sailing, Tennis and Touch Football.

                • Room, Hall & Facility Hire

                  Certain facilities including Classrooms, Halls and Technology Areas are available for hire to support community groups at appropriate times.

                  > Contact the School for further details

                • Achievements

                  The achievements of Newcastle Grammar School students in external Examinations and competitions have been such that the School has gained an enviable reputation for academic success.

                  Results in external examinations including the Higher School Certificate and NAPLAN are consistently well above the State average. Results in music and art competitions are exceptional, with the School and individual students winning many prestigious awards.

                  At Newcastle Grammar School we are proud of our record of achievements, but accolades and awards are not our motivation. Rather they are the recognition of our students reaching their goals.

                  > Read more about the success of Newcastle Grammar School

                  • Staff & Board Members

                    • Head of School & Staff

                      The Head of School is assisted in her duties by the School Executive and is charged with ensuring that the School provides a quality, holistic education for all of its students.

                      The staff of the School are selected not only for their academic, teaching and administration qualifications, but also for their personal qualities and suitability to be entrusted with the welfare of young people.

                      The staff are dedicated professionals who want to see their students grow and flourish into responsible, well educated young men and women.



                      • Board Members

                        Newcastle Grammar School is governed by the Board of Newcastle Grammar School Limited, a non-profit Company and the body responsible for the School's policies and philosophy.

                        All members of the Board serve in an honorary capacity, with the Lord Bishop of Newcastle being the School Patron. The Board, with the Patron's concurrence, appoints the Head of School who assumes overall responsibility for the day to day operation of the School.

                        Contacting the Board
                        Please read the 725-888-0696 prior to emailing the Chairman.


                        • Mr Keith Lynch - Chairman of the Board

                          Mr Keith Lynch - Chairman of the Board

                          Mr Lynch was a member of the Newcastle Grammar School board from 1993 to 1998 and held the position of Deputy Chair.

                          He re-joined the board in 2014 and has been appointed Chairman.

                          He holds a Bachelor of Science in Metallurgy and is a member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

                          Mr Lynch was previously Chairman of NIB Holdings Ltd, currently Chairman of the NIB Foundation and is a member of the Hunter Venues Advisory Council.

                          Mr Lynch’s children attended Newcastle Grammar School and two of his grandchildren are current students.

                        • Mrs Cathy Cole - Deputy Chair

                          Mrs Cathy Cole - Deputy Chair

                          Mrs Cole is the Deputy Chair, starting in the position in 2016 and has been a member of the Board since 2005 and holds a Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) with skills in engineering, project management, strategic planning, corporate governance and community engagement.

                          Mrs Cole also holds a Diploma from the Institute of Company Directors. She is the Chair of the Audit , Finance and Risk committee of the School.

                          She currently works as a Project Manager and also Chair of a government advisory committee.

                          Mrs Cole's two children both attended Newcastle Grammar School.

                        • Ms Catherine Wilkinson

                          Ms Catherine Wilkinson

                          Ms Wilkinson joined the Newcastle Grammar School Board in 2012 and holds a Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Law.

                          She is a Partner at Sparke Helmore Lawyers in the Workplace Relations and Safety team and the Managing Partner of the Newcastle office, comprising partners, lawyers and administrative staff in a range of areas.

                          She provides advice to corporate clients on work health and safety and employment related matters.

                          Ms Wilkinson's child currently attends Newcastle Grammar School.

                        • Mr Richard Earp

                          Mr Richard Earp

                          Mr Earp joined the Newcastle Grammar School Board in 2013 and is currently Joint Managing Director of Earp Bros Tiles.

                          Mr Earp has a strong track record of redeveloping existing business and new businesses that are creative and innovative.

                          He also has experience in marketing, branding, sales, property and team management. Mr Earp is presently a member of the Property Committee of the School.

                          Mr Earp's children currently attend Newcastle Grammar School and his children are 5th generation Newcastle Grammar School students.

                        • Mr Andrew Beattie

                          Mr Andrew Beattie

                          Mr Beattie joined the Newcastle Grammar School Board in 2014. He holds a Bachelor of Commerce and has over 14 years’ experience in accounting, business advisory and banking professions.

                          Mr Beattie is a Partner at PKF Lawler and leads the Newcastle Business Advisory Services Team focusing on key industries such as Health, Pharmacy, Veterinary and Mining Services. His specialist experience and knowledge is predominantly in the areas of business improvement, management consulting, strategic planning, succession planning and business valuation.

                          Mr Beattie is presently a member of the Audit, Finance and Risk Committee of the School.

                          Mr Beattie’s daughter currently attends Newcastle Grammar School.

                        • Mr Todd Williams

                          Mr Todd Williams

                          Mr Williams has recently joined the Newcastle Grammar School Board. He holds qualifications in Business from Harvard University and INSEAD. 

                          His expertise include business growth, economic development, external relations, projects and strategic planning. He has presented internationally on a range of topics including Economic Development, Innovation, Infrastructure and High Speed Rail. 

                          Mr Williams’ child currently attends Newcastle Grammar School.

                        • Mr Benjamin Young

                          Mr Benjamin Young

                          Benjamin Young joined the Newcastle Grammar School Board in a temporary position for 2017. Ben holds a Bachelor of Arts and Masters in Social Change and Development.

                          Ben established KDC Pty Ltd in 2011 and is currently the Managing Director. Ben provides specialist planning and development consultancy advice and project management services to clients in the property development sector. He has over 14 years’ experience in planning.

                    • Our History

                      Established in 1859, Newcastle Grammar School is one of Newcastle's most historically significant schools.

                      3138674879The School has links to the earliest days of Anglican education in the city, beginning in 1816 when convict, Henry Wrensford, taught 17 children aged between 3 and 13 years in a slab hut, on the site of today's Cathedral.

                      Since its inception, the School has developed into one of the region's most notable, independent, co-educational and non-selective schools and remains a focus for many of the thousands of former students who have been educated here.

                      Newcastle Boys' Grammar School opened on the present site in 1859 in Berkeley House and operated until 1902. Newcastle Church of England Girls' Grammar School was officially opened on 22 July 1918 with an enrolment of fifty-six girls. The School was relocated to Morpeth from 7 June 1942 until some time in 1943, due to the second world war.

                      The control and administration of the School was given by the Anglican Diocese of Newcastle to The Pittwater House Schools in 1976 until the end of 1991, and in 1978, boys were once again enrolled at the School.

                      In 1992 the School's administration was returned to Newcastle and Newcastle Grammar School is now governed by Newcastle Grammar School Limited, a non-profit Company limited by guarantee. Newcastle Grammar School maintains strong links with the Anglican Church. Today it is a leading independent school in the Hunter Valley Region.

                      • Annual Reports

                      • Policies & Procedures

                      • NOGA

                        With a current membership of approximately 2000, NOGA (Newcastle Grammarians' Association) collectively identifies ex-students of the School.

                        NOGA Members Are:

                        • Invited to Reunions at the School
                        • Kept informed on School matters via the publication and bi-annual distribution of Spectemur Agendo, which is mailed in April/May and October/November each year.

                        Alumni - Update Your Details:

                        (941) 843-4382

                        How Do I Join?
                        Become a Lifetime Member for $110

                        Simply print out the membership form below, fill it in, and return it with your payment for life membership to the address provided.

                        This payment will ensure that you receive copies of Spectemur Agendo, and invitations to Ex-Students' Dinners, Reunions and the like!


                        How Can I Help NOGA?

                        • By joining the 'Newcastle Grammar School' group on Facebook and posting news.
                          All NOGA events will be posted to this group along with recent news about the School.
                        • By sending news of ex-students – either of yourself, or of others. Details of careers, travels, marriage/engagements, births of children, achievements, etc. are always welcome.
                        • By ensuring that your own address and contact numbers are up-to-date, and providing details of ex-students not currently on NOGA's register.
                        • By allowing us to use photographs of your time at School (photographs will be returned after use).
                        • By sending any memorabilia of your School days, such as old uniform items, text books, merit certificates, trophies etc. for our archives.
                        • By responding to NOGA invitations, and by attending special events in the life of the School (Speech Night, Founders' Day and Open Days, Friday Fun Fair etc.)
                        • By networking amongst yourselves, in particular year groups, to encourage all of the above!
                        • Employment

                          At Newcastle Grammar School we place tremendous importance on finding the best people to join our team. We will display all new positions on this page as they become available, so please check back from time-to-time.

                          Positions Available

                          Please view the 254-935-2425

                          If you are applying for any of the above positions, please complete the  > Application for Employment Form and send with your application.

                          > Signup to our careers mailing list