We specialize in native iOS applications built for the iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Apple TV. Explore our portfolio below to view our recent projects.

Our portfolio consists of a wide variety of mobile products built for the iPhone and iPad specifically using Xcode to create these products as Apple intended. Most of these projects were designed, developed and secured by our team. These apps include technologies like ARC (automatic reference counting), Bitcode, App Slicing, Autoresizing, Multitasking support, Push Notifications, Custom RESTful API’s, Custom Databases, Custom invitations, Custom Media Players, Custom Media Capture, and more…

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iPhone and iPad Development

Our iOS applications are second to none. We develop clean, pixel perfect, high functioning apps. We use all of the latest technologies created by Apple to make the mobile experience fast and user-friendly. We develop only native applications in Xcode using Objective-C or Swift. We follow Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines to the letter so that our App Store submissions have a near perfect approval rate.

Development Strategy

Our strategy for developing iOS apps is simply; We build applications the right way. We create our products by creating custom code written by us. We believe that every app should feel fast and look amazing. We write all of our code in such a way that it can be used as a great foundation for the app to scale and expand. We create scalable server-side code. Our RESTful API’s are secure.

What We DON’T Do

We don’t build HTML5 web apps and package them as iOS applications. Why? Because they function extremely poorly and they can not take advantage of core iOS features like gps, location, push notifications, autoresizing, multitasking, and more. Why would we want our customers to have a subpar application that doesn’t function well? Our reputation is built solely upon how our products look and feel.

We don’t use third party SDK’s. Why? Because they are often several iOS versions behind. Meaning they are full of depreciated functions and methods that prevent us from upgrading apps to newer iOS versions to unlock new features for users. Furthermore, the more third party SDK’s you have in an app the more bloated and poor performing it becomes. So we try at all costs to avoid this. We only add the major social networking SDK’s to our app like Facebook’s SDK because it cannot be avoided.

Other Services

We also offer many other mobile and web services such as Apple Watch design/development, Apple TV design/development, web site design/development, logo creation, application design,3d modeling, 3d rendering, OpenGLES games, SpriteKit games, App Store submissions and more!


Edge of the Atlas is a mobile media design and development firm located just north of Detroit, Michigan. Founded in 2001 by Carey Richardson, the goal has always been the same, build the highest quality cutting edge products to solve everyday problems and bring enjoyment to the lives of everyone using our products.

EOTA is constantly expanding its development skill set by closely monitoring every new feature added to each new product and iOS by Apple.

Offering an array of unique services and utilizing state of the art technologies, we believe we are one of the top mobile development companies in the world. No other design and development company can offer such value to its clients.


Need Pricing or have questions? We would love to hear from you. Please send us a message or give us a call, we are excited for the opportunity to have you as our client!