Our Values

The bedrock of Arrida Relief Foundation of Nigeria (ARFON) is achieved by Transparency, Accountability, Commitment, Integrity, Gender Equity and Teamwork.

Mission Statement

Our Mission is to ensure that the dignity, education and security of our Nigerian youth, women and children are achieved through mental and psychological counseling, educational scholarship and entrepreneurial skills development that will foster and boost creative thinking leading to innovative solution and self reliance to challenges among our target group.

Vision Statement

We at ARFON envision a world where security, self reliance, social welfare and dignity of women, youth and children are guaranteed.


Arrida Relief Foundation of Nigeria (ARFON) is a non-governmental organization (NGO) which caters for the less privileged in the society by providing humanitarian services. ARFON has membership network across the federation especially the Northern part of the country including FCT with Headquarters in Kaduna State. We have massively brought humanitarian interventions, Charity Works, Social Works,.


Our Videos

“We should give charity as it increases our property, and it makes the mercy of Allah befall on us”.
The Holy Prophet (s)

The more you give, the more you get.
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