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Planet Clash

Planet Clash is an addictively dangerous adventure conquest. An extraordinary space mission where you'll experience amazing encounters as the Captain of your own Fighter Ship. Navigate through a futuristic universe of Humans, Aliens and Cyborgs. Encounter Solar flares, space pirates, comets, wormholes, shape shifters, gold and weapons caches, a plethora of perils, and much more! Use advanced weapons, while building up your Ship. Also, build your Crew, upgrade your cargo storage, and Equip powerful technology. Defend yourself from attacks and invasions, all the while working to take control of the solar system! This challenging quest requires good strategy! To defeat your opponents in a Planet Clash Campaign requires ultimate bravery and also, about 30 minutes to an hour!

Planet Clash Story

The Helios Solar System: Your first challenge!

First of all, the Helios story starts with an ancient alien race called the Geoites. They once ruled the solar system using the devastating power of a deadly weapon known as the "Corona". Near the end of the 21st Century, the Human reign ended abruptly with the invasion of the Geoites. Humans began to refer to their new rulers simply as "Geos" for short. Ruthless and emotionless with a constant red glow. They are slightly transparent shape shifters, but prefer to be in a few, somewhat geometric forms. Adept at levitation, they float about to get around.

Then, Using Human slaves as workers in the deadly environment of the sun's corona, the Geos constructed their catastrophic weapon. Consequently, they activated the Corona and easily took control of the entire solar system. For many centuries they reigned supreme. Recently, they suddenly and mysteriously vanished! Now the Corona is unmanned and remains active in the most perilous sector of the solar system! Only the bravest Captains and most powerful Fighter Ships will enter without perishing.

Since the Geos vanished, the solar system has been in a constant state of chaos! It has become increasingly dangerous! Countless would-be rulers are attempting to conquer the Corona and take control of the solar system. Each day, the power of the Corona draws new challengers, seeking to rule the solar system. So far, no one has been able to penetrate the lethal defense systems of the Corona. The remnants of past endeavors by courageous Captains eerily float about in the surrounding space, until finally disintegrating under the constant barrage of intense radiation in the sun's corona.

Planet Clash Campaigns

During a Planet Clash Campaign, up to six players assume command of their own specialized Fighter Ships. Each ship is different and has it's own strengths, weaknesses, and special technology. To win the game you must journey to the center of the solar system.Then, penetrate the Corona's defenses. Finally, use it's ancient power to defeat your opponents and becoming the ruler of the solar system!

Your mission, if you are brave enough to accept it, could be deadly for you and your Crew. You'll have extremely dangerous encounters at every turn. You must be victorious during these encounters to gradually upgrade your Fighter Ship, your Crew, and your weaponry. Become powerful enough to survive the ultimate test that lies ahead in the Corona. Finally, Take control of the Corona and win Planet Clash!

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