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Browse Notes, Study Guides, and More.

Missed class? Misplaced your notes? Totally tuned out a monotone professor? Whatever the case may be, now you can have your course notes worry free. Just search for your professor, course, or subject and browse the notes your classmates took. Simply preview, purchase, and be well on your way to that A.

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Course Packs

Don’t pay for expensive textbooks that you hardly use. Purchase only the content that is needed for the class with Omega Notes Course Packs. Course Packs contain the content needed for the course without any of the fluff publishers use to drive up prices. Plus, our Course Packs give you a slew of studying tools including notes, highlighting, drawing, and more. Best of all, the notes you take are compiled and organized in the notebook so you’ll never lose a note again.

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Turn Learning Into Earning

Snap. Post. Profit. Repeat.

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It's easy.

Just upload your notes. It can be anything you want: study guides, cheat sheets, diagrams, etc. You decide. Take what you create and profit. Simply upload pictures from your phone or a pdf from your computer. You decide what to upload and how much you want to be paid. Then sit back and wait for the money to roll in. The best part is no wait! When your notes are purchased, you get paid immediately. It's that simple.

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Residual Income

Each time your notes sell, you get paid. 10 students buy your notes, 10x profits. 50 students buy your notes, 50x. You do the math. Join the club of students making a few thousand dollars off just a few documents. Time to earn cash from class.

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Collaborate With Your Peers

Take notes, ask questions, work with friends and more in the Notebook. Think of it as social media for studying. Easily organize your study materials by class, course pack, or whatever. Your notes are backed up and safe in the cloud for whenever and wherever you need them. Share interesting content with your classmates and get help with difficult concepts. Never be afraid to ask a question when you can post anonymously. You decide if you want to be public, private or incognito.

Oh and did we mention it’s free to use? Yeah. Just create an account and start collaborating.

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