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BellaDati IoT Analytics Framework = fast deployment in your software, solution or mobile app

BellaDati IoT Advanced Analytics = easy to use by end users

From M2M, B2C and monitoring to machine learning, predictive and prescriptive analytics in days. We help you to grow your business.

Bosch-BellaDati IoT Solution for Increasing Car Driver Safety (eCall), PHYD and Concierge Services

Bosch sensor-based connected devices in the combination with Belladati IoT Advanced Analytics Platform offers some of the most innovative solutions in IoT sector.
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Our Plug-and-Play IoT Solution in the Cloud

BellaDati is proud to announce the release of the BellaDati IoT Cloud for the ready made unlimited exploration of real-time data from Cross Domain Development Kit XDK of Bosch Connected Devices and Solutions. Instant access to real-time values from XDK devices in the cloud, interactive ready made sensor monitoring, alerts, self-service agile analytics and more.