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Winbull is India's most advanced physical bullion trade platform for small and medium size bullion merchants. It's the first complete B2B (Business to Business) mobile app based platform promoted by Logimax Technologies Private Limited (LOGIMAX). Built entirely from scratch, Winbull is aimed at bringing the magic of technology to India to connect the jewelers (Buyers) and small and medium bullion traders (Sellers). However, for a long time Indian bullion industry missed out on the tremendous opportunity for the buyers and sellers. And winbull has been built to bridge that gap for them.

Winbull has been built over cutting edge technology. Proprietary trading engine and platform architectures, with highly secure, user friendly user interface, and many of user-demanded features are some of the things which define Winbull, It's being crafted to perfection, with constant love and support from you.

Team Behind

The team behind Winbull is people just like you. We are a bunch of technologists and product designers. We have been, working to solve major pain areas in the Bullion and Jewellery Industry known to all of you as “LOGIMAX” Since the year 2000.

One step at this time. It is our vision to make of technology development and adoption in Jewellery Industry. We assure you that the coming future is going to be delightful and full of surprises, as we strive to improve Winbull Platform, develop more options, and create a holistic reverse auction bullion trading ecosystem.

How it works

Coming Soon

Bullion Market Place

India's most unique and powerful platform designed to connect bullion buyer and seller in a button click of Winbull app which is available free to download from android and ios stores.

Buyer's Market

Now it is buyers market ! So buyer has the flexibility to ask seller either in the fixed price tag or the negotiable price for gold or silver bars he required.

Delivery Location

Buyer can choose for the delivery locations on their convenient were the buyer requires deliver on each post, similarly seller can configure one or many delivery locations respectively based on the seller's winbull membership details in pricing page.

Instant Notifications

The app are coming with super fast notification system which immediately notify the seller when a buyer request for gold or silver bullion through SMS and App Notifications in their registered mobile and buyer can view the delivery status instantly.

Highly Secure

Keep using the app worry free because winbull app has been builded with highly secured featured with socket level encryption and all your information were encrypted and have NOT stored more than 24 hours in the system.

Un-imagine Membership Free

Grow your bullion business by becoming as Seller member of winbull. Very flexible subscribe options to choose from the unimagin low prices subscriptions which tailored to fit for Small and medium bullion traders. For Buyer membership it is FREE forever.



499/ Month

30 days Free Trial
  • 5 Leads credit per day
  • 150 Leads credit per month
  • 30 days Free Trial
  • 1 Location
  • Market watch


999 / Month

30 days Free Trial
  • 20 Leads credit per day
  • 600 Leads credit per month
  • 2 Locations
  • Market Watch
  • Free Support

Custom Plan

if you need more leads and locations do not hesitate to contact us to customise your plans
+91 9787343999

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